Price Reduction

To fall in line with our new pricing policy to release all of our perl scripts for less than $15 we have now dramatically reduced the price of the Classified Ads script from $49.99 to just $4.99 that's a massive reduction of 90% .

Classified Ads

The Classified Ads script was the first script we ever released and you can see the classifieds demo here (no administrator routines available in the demo). This classified ads script uses a MySQL database rather than the text files the earlier version used. Looking for a MySQL Host? Mysql Hosting is available if your cheap web host does not provide MySQL database hosting.

Features Include :

  • Offer free and Paid for (via Paypal) 'Membership Levels'
  • Add/Edit Membership levels, categories and 'members' via Administration area
  • Email a single Member or all Members in a Membership Level from via Administration area
  • Classified Ads automatically close (end) after fixed period.
  • 'Members' MUST register and verify themselves before placing an ad
  • Members add/edit and close their classified ads via their own Administration area
  • Enable or disable html code in classified ads
  • if html is disabled http addresses are automatically converted to a link, ie is converted to
  • If user signs up for free membership they must click on a link within a verification email before they can place any ads
  • If user pays for membership, they will be sent their user information via email once Paypal has informed the system of their payment using Paypal IPN system, no need to further verify themselves.
  • Members can either upload a picture or provide a url to a picture that will be displayed with their classified ad.
  • Visitors can use 'Contact Advertiser' form so the classified ads do not need to contain email addresses and reducing users being targeted by spam, ideal for personals where people do not want to give away their contact information.


  • *nix web server - this has been tested on Redhat and should work on any *nix server.
  • MySQL Server (Email Us if you need a us to host your database)
  • perl 5.8 with DBI and CGI perl modules
  • LWP perl modules if accepting payment via Paypal
  • Basic understanding of installing perl scripts


Payment is made via Paypal, click on the 'Buy Now' button for the currency you wish to pay in and you will be taken to the Paypal website to make your payment. As soon as your payment has been completed your script will be emailed to you at the email address you used to pay with.